Color Melting Hair: Everything You Need to Know

Color Melting Hair: Everything You Need to Know

With each passing year, a new hairstyle trend revolutionizes the market and influences the crazy style lovers. Even if from past several years you were quite satisfied with the ombre, balayage or baby lights; now it is time to step ahead to a new world of colors that will add the more attractive look to your hair.

A few years ago in the year 2012, dip dye and ombre hair grabbed the attention of the people online. Several celebrities added a special look to their personality with these techniques. After that, the market was influenced by sombre and balayage hair colors that added more subtle variation to their hairstyle needs as compared to the ombre hair. Now we are in 2018 and the market is making noise about a new hair color technique that is color melting.

You might be interested to know more about color melting technique; don’t worry! The tutorial below contains all details about this latest hair color trend. Go through the article below and soon you will be able to make a decision about your new hairstyle.

What is color melting?

The color melt hair technique is all about blending multiple hair colors in such a way that they lead a flawless appearance. Viewers cannot identify where the one hair color ends and from which position the other one begins. The idea behind color melting is to blend various highlights to the base color of hair so that it does not create a distinctive look for each color; rather they all create a perfect flow with your personality.

With the flawless color melting technique, the low lights, highlights, and new pastel hair colors are added with smooth transitions. These multiple shades can be developed by professionals in such a way that they add a natural look to your personality.

As the name indicates color melting means melt on color onto another color to give your hair a natural appearance. The most interesting thing to know about color melting technique is that when the hair starts further growth after treatment, they appear darker from root side and keep on maintaining lighter appearance on bottoms. It happens just because of the fact that hair that are more exposed to direct sunlight are naturally more oxidized. In short, the color melting technique can add a mimic look to your personality.

Difference between Ombre, Balayage and Color Melting:

Now, before we move ahead to know more about Color Melting, let us collect few details about how color melting differ from Ombre and Balayage. Those who have used these hair color techniques earlier might be aware of the process and techniques; below we have added some details for all these three methods.


It is the oldest among these three where hair colors are gradually blended to each other to create the final look. Most of the people prefer to use this technique to shift their darker base hair to the lighter ends. Note that, in this technique, professionals try to contrast one hue to another without blending two shades.


In this hair color technique, specific colors are painted to hair with a sweeping pattern so that a natural and lighter look can be created. Balayage process leaves darker tones on the base to the end portion of the hair so that it ultimately appears softer and dimensional. From past few years, this hair color technique gained more and more popularity. The major reason why it captured more attention from the market is that as hair grows out they look for subtle and natural with perfect adjustments of colors foils.

Color Melting:

The color melting is well known as a color application technique in which root colors are blend with the balayage tones or highlights. The major purpose of this new technique is to create a feel like the base color of hair is melting into few lighter tones on the ends. It is the best way to create a softer appeal on hair with better contrast adjustments ranging from roots to the ends. If you want to enjoy your hair color for a long run without fixing appointments with the hair care specialist, this technique is more suitable because it keeps on enhancing the beauty of hair with time and with new growth on roots.

Hair melting color appears like an extreme method to dye natural hair. The color changes in more gradual and natural manner from one shade to other and no one can identify the point where change occurs. At the hair roots, it will leave darker tones and while moving downwards, the appearance will keep on changing to lighter shades without making a step change in color. It is like rainbow hues where color that you want on your hair will drastically come out of another color. The changes are not highlighted rather they are softer and does not mess up with your personality.

How to do the melted look in hair color?

The internet is loaded with a variety of ideas that you can use for color melting your hair. But it doesn’t mean that you can complete this process at home. Doing color melting at home will leave your hair unattractive and messy by the end. So, it is advised to book an appointment with the professional in your city and let them handle the process with right tools and techniques.

Note that there is a wide range of colors that you can choose for color melting your hair so that application process is completely dependent upon shades that you want to add. You can prefer to add dark dyed roots, silver roots, rainbow roots and natural roots. Generally, this process is completed within two separate hair dyes but in order to get the more stunning look, you may go for three or even more dyes.

Top color melt ideas:

Those who are attracted to color melt technique might be interested to know about various style options that they can choose. The great news is that there are so many impressive ideas that can be used for color melting your hair. Some of these are discussed below:

Red Blonde:

This color melting look begins with dark red roots that turn fairy red in the middle and becomes honey blonde by the end. Most celebrities love to apply this look to their hair as it looks stunning enough and can enhance their style statement with ease. This color melt short hair style suits to all age groups so whether you are a college going pretty girl or a young office manager, this style can enhance your personality with ease.

Dark Platinum Blonde:

People who have naturally black hair and want to leave that natural touch on the hair roots will find Dark Platinum Blonde more valuable for their needs. In this case, the natural dark hair color is left as it is on the top; it slowly moves to the ash brown shade in the middle with a natural shift to dishwater blonde and by the end of the hair strands, it starts appearing more beautiful with the platinum hues. This color melting technique leads to long-lasting results as the hair growth is well balanced with the natural roots left behind.


This color combination may appear quite surprising to some of you but in actual it leaves a gorgeous look behind. Most of the ladies love to add a touch of bright purple roots that slowly turns into an attractive silver color by the end. This is the more preferred choice of young girls who want to play with bright colors.

Rainbow Color Melt:

Another awesome choice is to start contrasting hair roots to the ultimate length of the hair while leaving a rainbow-like an appearance behind. Some of the most preferred colors in this rainbow style includes pastel violet roots with bright green middles and cool blue wispy highlighted hair by the end. Some ladies also love to add a pastel pink blonde with a mixture of neon pink by the end. This color melt brown hair style has endless options for color blending and you can easily choose something unique that suits your personality.

Natural Rainbow:

Here is one more creative way to color melt your hair without losing the natural shine. The idea is to leave your hair with the natural shade on the roots and then add a natural medium blonde color in the middle of the strands with little brighter rainbow by the end of the strands.

The ultimate appearance of your hair completely depends upon your color preferences and inherent creativity of the artists. So, it is good to choose the right salon and color melting expert for your needs so that it can leave a gorgeous touch behind.

How to maintain color melting hair?

Now, when you are ready to get a new hair color with color melting technique, it is important to collect few essential tips for maintaining color melt hair. The great news is that color melted hair demand least efforts for maintaining them; however, the care actually depends on the type of color and style you prefer.

Those who are ready to add more natural and subtle colors to their hair will find them much easier to maintain. They need not spend more money to visit the salon as these natural looking hair need a root touch only after 6 to 8 weeks.

In case if you are planning for a holographic color route to add a special touch to your personality, it will become little difficult to maintain your new look. You will have to schedule more time and money consuming visits to the salon as your hairstylist need to bleach your roots time and again. Your new hair growth must be treated time to time with the multiple colors so that it can create a balanced look with the mid shades and bottom brightness.

Professionals also advise using top-notch conditioning treatments at home as well. It is important to show more love towards your hair and follow strict expert guidelines for hair care products. You may also need to invest in some protein treatments and frequent trims to maintain the shape. Prefer to use the color safe shampoo and conditioners that can keep your hair look vibrant for a longer run. Your colorist can recommend you best products to ensure long lasting beauty without messing with your rainbow like hair colors.

Why should you love color melting?

While there are lots of hairstyle and color techniques in the market, you might be interested to know why you should choose hair melting only. The biggest reason is that this technique is launched by Matrix and most people around the world trust this big brand. However, below we have highlighted few more reasons to choose color melting for your new hairstyle:

·       It is versatile:

The soft impact of color melting can be used by any client and they can choose a variety of hair color combinations to get the most customized look. There is a wide range of color options and professionals are experienced enough to create a perfect rainbow on your head that can suit your personality.

·       It is natural:

The color melting technique leaves a natural and more subtle look behind without damaging your hair. The hair transitions are flawless and they appear more attractive with a softer touch.

·       It is original:

This color melting hair technique is original and leaves an exciting look behind. The colors and blended in such a manner that they appear original without any messy step change in shades. Every color in the rainbow appears originated from the other color and the flow goes in a similar manner from roots to the end.

·       It is long lasting:

You will be happy to know that the color melting technique provides long-lasting results. These color shades can be maintained easily without making many efforts. Clients simply need to use right hair care products and follow professionals advise to maintain their hairstyle.


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