Natural Look: 8 Powerful Secrets Using A Quick Weave




Most of the ladies these days are looking forward to attaching quick weaves to their hair.

It is an instant and reliable solution to add extra length and volume to your existing hair.

These extra tracks can be easily attached with the help of thread and needle or by using bonding glue.

The great news is that it is much easier to get a natural look with the quick weaves and it is even possible to apply them at home.

If you don’t want to sit on salon chair for hairs; the quick weaves can work as a most effective technique for you to improve your looks with a natural texture.

However, it is important to be much careful about your installation because bad weaves appear annoying.

In order to get a natural look for your quick weaves, the essential task you need to do is choose right extensions.

Not all extensions suit for quick weaves, and when you are dreaming about natural look then it is much important to buy right hair extensions.

One of the best selections for quick weaves to get a natural look is Marley extensions as they give a look same as human hair.

However, once you have installed quick weaves, it is important to follow few practices to ensure they keep on shinning with a natural look so long. Below are few tips to maintain a natural look after installing quick weaves.


Tip 1: Leave few natural hair out:

Most of the ladies prefer to get a cute blunt bang before installing quick weaves as they feel it will highlight the artificial weaves like natural hair.

But the true fact is that nothing can be as natural as your real scalp and hairline.

When your head stays covered with quick weaves only, some people can easily recognize the artificial hair even from a far distance.

Even if you get your weaves installed with finest procedures, the wig can be easily observed from front side when natural hair are completely hidden below it.

That is why professionals advise leaving few original hair that can cover your tracks with ease.

Some of them must be left on the front side and few on sides to let your hairstyle appear natural. In case if you are fond of doing ponytail then it is important to leave few hair around the perimeter as well.

Tip 2: Choose a flat base:

In case if you prefer to go to a professional stylist to get your weaves installed, they will automatically choose the best for you with years of experience.

But on the other side if you are trying to self-install your weaves at home; there are chances of making some mistakes.

The most important thing for your Do It Yourself procedures is to make cornrows flat. It is even possible to braid natural thick hair in such a way that they can easily hide bumps and lumps of the product to give a natural look for the long run.


Tip 3: Careful selection of lengths:

Most ladies make big mistakes while choosing the length of hair extension and it takes away all the beauty of hairstyle.

The thumb rule says that best idea is to choose hair extensions with length not more than four inches as compared to your original hair.

Some of you may think that when you already installing quick weave on natural hair, so why not to get a bigger length that can change your look and make it more attractive to all viewers.

But in actual, the additional length can ruin your hairstyle.

Note, when you already have a hair length of 2 inches only and you install quick weaves with a maximum length of 18 inches. Now does it make any sense?

Of course not because it just does not look believable.

It is important to choose something reasonable and logical that can satisfy the real goals.

For example, if you have a hair length of 7 inches, it is acceptable to extend them up to 10 inches with quick weaves or you can also think of using the 12-inch extension but weaves longer than this can create a complete mess to your natural looks.

Note that, the longer weaves in your extension must be installed at the bottom as they help to add a natural length to your leave outs and the shorter hairs must be installed on top to give a boost to the seamless appearance. When your natural hair starts growing beyond these dimensions, you can think of choosing another weave of 14 inches or higher depending upon the natural growth.


Tip 4: Stop using strong hair products:

In order to get a natural look for your weave, prefer to use natural hair care tips as well.

The strong products may damage the natural looks and will also harm your original hair.

The best solution to care for your natural hair is to use shampoo with all natural ingredients and a good quality conditioner.

In case if you prefer to use a flat iron, it is good to protect your weaves with a heat protection spray.

The greasy weaves that are treated with harmful chemicals cannot give you a natural look so it is better to avoid those scary treatments.


Tip 5: Match your color accurately:

This fact is easy to understand, if your original hair has natural black color there is no point in using jet black extensions.

However, if you are interested to highlight your quick weaves intentionally over the natural hair, you can choose to create a color difference. Otherwise, the best idea is to match your quick weave color to a natural shade of your original hair.

People who have black African American hair often find it difficult to create a right color pairing between natural hair and quick weaves.

In this situation, the best idea is to use black semi-permanent type rinse on the original hair.

Note that, this semi-permanent color can stay on your hair for 6 to 20 washes; however, the range actually depends upon brand or quality of the color.

It is desired to ensure the impact of semi-permanent color for as long as you wear the quick weaves.

It is always a good idea to deep condition your natural hair with the help of heat treatment so that color residue can be removed completely once you take off the quick weaves.


Tip 6: Convenient match for texture:

Most of the ladies want to apply the shiny and silky smooth quick weaves over their natural hair but it does not always create a perfect match with the leave out hair.

If this is the case for your hair type as well, it is good to avoid that shiny texture.

The rule stays same for the curly texture of quick weaves; in case if it cannot create a convenient matching with the original waves; it is better to leave the idea.

While making selection for your hair extensions prefer to go with the products offered by top brands as they ensure guaranteed quality.

These professionals make use of top quality hair and can easily create the exact reflection of African American hair.

However, there are endless options for selection of weave textures, it is always important to be careful or take advice from professionals to match the best texture.


Tip 7: Think about volume:

Even if you are following all steps mentioned about accurately, but forget to work on this 7th tip; it has the power to ruin the whole look.

Volume is the major deal breaker for quick weave installation.

If you cannot move your fingers easily on your hair, it will definitely make them look unnatural.

Experts advise to use only two hair packs that can range maximum up to 200 grams; however, if you are planning to install curly weaves, only one and a half pack of hair will be sufficient and just 150-gram hair can result in enough volume for curls.


Tip 8: Stick to top quality:

If you are more concerned about price instead of quality, you may lose the natural look and it can even cause huge damage to your original hair.

Experts always advise using genuine virgin hair from the top-rated hair extension supplier brand (IHI Bundles) so that it can lead a satisfactory look on your head.

Some ladies make a mistake of buying a cheap bundle of hair from local supermarkets but they are not able to complement your natural hair.

Note that, good quality hair give the long lasting look and they can return you best value for your investment.

The hits and misses are a part of hair extension world but if you want to ensure best results for your hairstyle, try to follow these expert tips to make them last longer.

Promoting healthy habits for hair care is important even if you have installed weaves because they also need a natural touch of care to look beautiful.

If you want to look outstanding with your weave patterns, try the best product from the market that ensures guaranteed natural look.


Best quick weave hair extensions to get the natural look:

In order to get a natural look after wearing hair extensions, the best idea is to choose top quality hair that can ensure a long lasting and realistic look on your head.

Note that, the installation process for regular wave takes 4 to 6 hours and most ladies find it difficult to be seated on salon chair so long.

If you want an instant solution, the best idea is to use quick weaves. 

They can be installed within few minutes as they are simply wrapped around the head with a special hair gel that acts like glue.

There are two common selection options for quick weave hairs to get a natural look; you can either choose human hair or the synthetic collections.

Both have their own pros and cons so, before selection, it is good to know essential facts about them.


Human Hair:

Most professionals advise using human hair for quick weave installation but ladies avoid them just because of their higher price.

Also, these hair require special care like your original hair.

But the best thing to know about human hair is that they can give you more realistic and attractive look.

They can be easily paired with the original hair on your head and no one will be able to notice if you are wearing hair extensions.

However, it is important to invest in healthy human hair because the unhealthy ones appear difficult to manage and can get brittle and dry soon.


Synthetic Hair:

If you are more concerned about money instead of quality, you can look for synthetic hair.

This man-made hair also offers natural like appearance when installed with quick weave pattern.

The synthetic hair makes quick weave installation process quite simple and inexpensive.

There are two commonly used forms of synthetic hair for quick weave installation, they are Toyokalon and Kanekalon. 


Why should you install quick weaves?

·         It is much easier to get a natural appearance with quick weaves.

·         They offer easy and fast style options.

·         Quick weaves need the least maintenance, once installed; you can enjoy a seamless appearance for several months.

·         They are fully customizable and you can easily find lots of style variations in the market.

·         This is one of the most cost-effective ways to get weave style.

·         The quick weave installation process does not cause any damage to your natural hair.


Wrapping Up:

If you are planning to change your hairstyle to impress your friends with a new look, prefer to install quick weaves as they are one of the most trustworthy solutions for fast style treatment.

Quick weaves can easily ensure natural look for your hair while maintaining long lasting shine and beauty.

You can try a variety of hairstyles with quick weaves and they suit almost all personalities.

Quick weave installation techniques are trusted by most people in the world as it does not cause any damage to the natural hair.

You can get your favorite hairstyle now with quick weaves but never forget to follow above-mentioned tips to get the natural look.


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