Quick Weave: Absolute Beauty In Less Than 2 Hours

Quick Weave: Absolute Beauty In Less Than 2 Hours


Getting your weave put in can take anywhere from 8-12 hours!!!

But you have places to be and people to see and you need your hair done now!!

Even if your not focused on the amount of time it would take, the cost

of putting in a quick weave is extremely affordable.

Of course the best option would be to have a professional stylist do this for you but it can

still be easily done yourself.



Must Have Accessories

If you plan on installing the quick weave yourself your going to need these items

  • Needle
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Glue
  • Cap (2) depending on the technique
  • Scissors
  • Gel
  • Morning Glory
  • White strips to protect real hair from glue
  • Stocking cap to allow glue to stick to weave



What is a Quick Weave?

The quick weave hairstyle includes the process of bonding the hair extensions to person’s natural hair with the help of some unique liquid gel formula or by using protective cap.

Once it is installed, you need to allow a few minutes for the get to become dry;

soon it will become harder and will create a natural barrier between your natural hair and the glue.

This hairstyle is found quite easy and simple; it does not demand much time.

Moreover, you wont have to worry about the damage that routine hair styling can cause to your hair.

When you are actually very careful about the health of your natural hair and don’t want to compromise their beauty for occasional styling, quick weaves can serve you better.

Also, it is one of the most budget-friendly hair-styling techniques that anyone can enjoy without creating a burden on the monthly budget.



How Long Do Quick Weaves Take To Put In?

The quickest quick weave was done by a lady named Ming Lee using a technique she pioneered called "The Pronto".

That technique was made 6 years ago and is still used today.

In all it took her about 15 minutes to finish!!


Here's the Video




Types of Quick Weaves:

Quick Weaves are definitely the ideal choice for routine styling needs as they are available at the budget-friendly range and offer a variety of hairstyle options.

Ladies can easily choose the most suitable style option out of a long list available for Quick Weaves.

Some of the most commonly used quick wave types include traditional sew-in weaves, half quick weaves, and pre-packed weaves.

Below we have highlighted few basic details about each one of these:


Traditional Sew-In Weaves:

These quick weaves are considered as an ideal choice for simple hairstyles.

The most attractive styling option for such traditional sew in weaves is with butterfly pins and flower. In short, you will find them a great choice to look hot in the evening parties.

They are easier to maintain and can be adjusted in seconds.


Half Quick Weaves:

With half quick weaves, a small portion of your natural hair is always exposed as they are used just to create an illusion of long hair.

Thus while making a selection for your hair extensions, prefer to match the color accurately with your natural hair.

You will find them a great choice to impress everyone in wedding and family occasions as people will definitely notice your long hair in the gathering.


Pre-Packed Weaves:

Here is one of the most popular types of quick weaves.

These weaves are available in a pre-styled form and ladies find them easier to install without investing much time.

The pre-packed quick waves are usually designed with short lengths and ladies can find a wide range of style options in this category.

If you want to enjoy a quick shift in your style and personality, you can pick a unique hairstyle with pre-packed weaves.



Glue Stuck To Your Real Hair?

I have had this happen before and surprisingly the detergent you would use to wash the dishes actually works wonders.

Another good option is Pantene Shampoo.



How Long Will Quick Weaves Stay In After Installation?


Now, ladies might be interested to know how long these quick weaves can last.


If you need a quick answer, it would be 4 to 5 weeks.

However, few people also say that these weaves can maintain their beauty for even 2 month period but professionals do not recommend to keep them so long on your head as later they can start damaging your natural hair.

There is no doubt to say that we cannot compromise beauty and health of natural hair just for styling needs; so it is good to follow expert recommendations for best results.

It is advised to enjoy a deep conditioning session with wash at least once in a month to let your hair feel shiny and beautiful.



Benefits Of Installing Quick Weaves:

There is no doubt to say that quick weaves are one of the most trustworthy solutions for your instant styling needs.

They can serve you better with your busy routines.

Below we have highlighted few additional benefits of installing quick weaves:


·         The biggest benefit of quick weaves is that they can be installed by the user itself at home without any professional assistance. Hence, they become one of the most suitable choices when you are in a hurry to move out for a sudden tour with friends.


·         They have least maintenance requirements. Once you have installed them, you can enjoy your life without worrying much about what is happening to your hair.


·         After installing quick weaves, you need not look for additional styling products that contain harmful chemicals. It is the best way to give a relief to your hair so that they can enjoy a healthy break free from heat and chemicals.


·         When you want to change your hairstyle, the quick weaves offer an easy way as they can be uninstalled within few minutes. Those who often love to experiment new hairstyles in routine to create a style impression will find quick weaves best choice for their needs.


·         Quick weaves do not cause any damage to the natural hair like other hair extensions. They allow your hair to breath in a healthy environment without posing any stress.


·         This is one of the most budget-friendly solutions for the budget-friendly style needs.


·         You can easily find lots of style ideas on YouTube and try them at home without any special assistance.



Can I Use Synthetic Hair?

Real hair is always the way to go with whatever weave you are putting into your head.

It lasts for years

And you dont have to worry about burning  your hair from chemicals

Synthetic hair is when you might start running into problems

The reason for this is because the Chinese use chemicals to give synthetic hair a certain look (Brazilian, Malaysian, etc)

Ever notice that corn chip smell...

So when thse chemicals are heated they will react to your real hair and products in ways that are unintended

...be careful





Quick Weave Hairstyles of 2018:

Most of the celebrities these days are using Quick Weaves to get a unique look at routine events.

They consider its best choice to get a glamorous look without causing any harm to their natural hair. Ladies love them more because there are lots of style options to get a different look every day.

Whether you pick a vibrant, long, short or low key weave, there are lots of style options available in the list.


Below we have highlighted few popular hairstyle options with quick weaves:



      The Natural Look

Sometimes it is just fine to stay tuned to the simplicity to create a unique and catchy impression of your personality.

You can choose the fine texture of extensions and let it stay on your natural hair in a natural way to showcase the sexy touch of a side swept fringe.



     The wavy hairdo:

If you are interested to get a flirty look with the normal texture, choose to go blonde with the youthful look.

The simple curls on weaves can give you a sassy look with an attractive appearance.


      The chic blue touch:

Those who are curious about wearing colorful hair can choose the chic blue look by avoiding the common bright yellow appearance.

They give a calming and stylish appearance and look perfect with uneven lengths. In case if you want to get a funky look for prom night, shaving hair from one side and getting a curvy look on other will be the best idea.


      Block of colors:

If you are planning to install short weaves, the infusion of colors will be the best choice to get a different look. It is not about mixing lots of colors to create a rainbow on your head rather choosing two complementing block colors that can highlight the weave character. Most of the ladies love to add lustrous copper hue with black shades as they maintain a beautiful natural texture.


      Curly pixie girl:

In order to highlight your feminine appeal, get a short, curly touch of quick weaves. The best idea is to install thick messy curls on center portion and get little longer sideburns to showcase your unique style. You can also keep them voluminous to enjoy an attractive touch.


      Asymmetrical bob:

Most of the celebrities these days are attracted towards the angled look of quick weaves. Those who are thinking about getting a bob look can modify it with inverted angled cut to add a touch of uniqueness.



        Illusion Invisible Part







Wrapping up:

The style options do not end with quick weaves; they keep on multiplying with your creativity.

If you want to get a different look without harming your natural hair, it is good to buy high-quality hair extensions and install quick weaves with a unique style.

This investment will help you to enjoy a long-lasting look with the best value for your money.

Hope! This article was useful for you.

Never forget to drop your ideas and feedback about quick weave hairstyles in the comment section below.

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