Sealing Wefts: Top Questions and Answers


If I seal my wefts and I get a sew in, can i still wash my scalp with the hair still in without messing up the glue on the wefts?

- Yes because the glue is already hard and once you sew it in it wont be able to come out


Do I need to seal both sides ?

- Yes because if you don't one side is going to shed more than the other


Do I need to glue around the tract if its a sew-in?

- No glue before installing. Only glue under the track and not on the track


What's the difference between a weft sealer, fray sealer and fabric sealer

- Weft sealer is for sealing the weft

- fray check is for sealing the fabric and to keep it from fraying 

- Fabric sealer seals dust pollen dustmite - I don't recommend


Hey can I seal the wefts while my hair is still wet after conditioning?

- No it has to be dry.  If its not the hair wont hold because the weft seal is a liquid


What's the best weft sealer to use?

- All brands are the same.  I haven't used one I like the best.  Some stores run out.  I've used all of them over the years and there is no difference


Can you seal wefts on a already constructed wig?

- No because the glue isn't going to be on the weft its going to be on the cap


If my weft is not over-laped .. do i need to seal the weft twice on the top or is there no need ?

- It definantly needs to be sealed


Do I need to co-wash my weave before or after I have weft-sealed my weave and is that done before sealed weft or after?

- Co-wash before then air dry and weft seal


Is it ok to sew in my hair after the glue dries?

- Yes because it is dry


I don't use a cap and I sew directly to my braids. is that safe?

- Yes because its more secure that way


Can you seal a silk base closure? 

- Only around the closure


 Do Fray Checks wash off when it gets wet?.

- Its clear so you cant see it.


After co-washing the hair do i need to wait for the wefts to dry before sealing?

- Yes because the weft sealer is a liquid and needs to be dry in order to work


After u condition the hair does it have to be dry before u start to seal your wefts?

- Yes


Do I need to seal wefts to make clip ins?

I would reccomend it so that it sheds less


Should I seal after every-time I wash my hair?

- No every 3rd time you re-use your hair, reseal it


Do I wash the hair first then seal then color.

- Color, Wash, Seal


Can you seal wefts with super glue?

- Yes under the weft


Do I seal one side first and wait for that to dry before I do the other side?



Can you color hair if I applied fray check already?

- Yes


What is the recommended heat for clip in hair (remy hair)

- n/a


Will the fray seal get affected from hair dye?

- No


What does it mean to split the track?

- Taking a razor or scissors and cutting the track left to right all the way through to make 2 parts


If you seal your wefts and deep condition the hair in the microwave is it safe?

- Yes but I don't recommend that method


If i wash the hair with sealant in my head will it wash away?

- I don't recommend using sealant


After you co wash do you dry the hair and then color? 

- Color, Dry, Co-wash


Is it okay to use the nail polish?

- I don't recommend


How do i let the weft seal dry before installing?

- Air dry


Already installed the hair and now im getting shedding and i dont know if i shoould put the weft sealer on the weft in my hair idk HELP...would the weft sealer damage my hair

- Its always better to weft seal before installing so it will not damage your hair.


Is it a good idea to split virgin hair?

- No it will shed more


I added too much glue and now the tract is hard, can i unseal the weft?

- No


Can you blow dry the sealed wefts to dry them faster ?

- Yes


Do i need to weft seal the top & the sides?..

- Under the tracks on both sides


What is a weft

 - the track that keeps the hair together


What is the purpose of weft sealing

 - To prevent your hair from having excess shedding


When sealing the wefts how long does it take to dry

 - 15-20 min


When completing an install from start to finish, in what order do the steps go as it relates to sealing?

- Co-wash, Dry, Weft-seal, Install


Do you seal the wefts before or after you cut them?

- Before and after


Will sealing the wefts make the hair hard?

- Yes but under the weft and not on the weft


Can you still glue the tracks after the wefts have been sealed

- Yes


Can you seal the wefts on hair that has been previously installed/used

- Yes


What is slitting the wefts?

- Cutting your bundles in 2


Is the method for sealing the wefts the same no matter the type of track used?

- Yes


dwayne morise