Why Indian Hair Is The Best Hair Extensions For Alopecia

Why Indian Hair Is The Best Hair Extensions For Alopecia

Why Indian Hair Is The Best Hair Extensions For Alopecia

There are so many reasons to install hair extensions; some of you may simply wish to add volume, few are interested to change hairstyle for the wedding season; whereas others want to treat some medical issues associated with their natural hair.

So many people around the world are in trouble due to hair fall, and they need some working solution to maintain their personality.

There is no doubt to say that baldness causes a lack of confidence and people become conscious about their appearance.

If you are also in trouble due to extensive hair fall, hair extensions can be a solution for your needs.


What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is a common disease that leads to baldness while causing hair fall in the form of small patches.

This problem occurs when immune system attack hair follicles are leading to fast hair loss.

This hair loss issue is not just limited to scalp rather it can cause loss of hair in other parts of the body as well. The hair loss extent in Alopecia patients vary person to person, but the most critical thing for all of them is to face bald patches on their head. Both males and females find it quite complicated to handle.

The sad fact is that the actual treatment for alopecia is still missing. However, few techniques have been developed by scientists to lead hair growth by preventing future hair loss.

But most of these treatments are quite expensive, and many are not much effective. In such situations, the most trustworthy solution is to use virgin or Indian hair extensions that can provide a realistic look at your scalp without letting anyone know that you are wearing extensions.


Symptoms of Alopecia Areata:

The major symptom associated with Alopecia Areata is the patch formed hair loss.

These patches can vary up to the dimension of few centimeters.

Few patients also report hair fall in the other parts of the body.

You may start noticing the extensive hair fall symptoms right from your pillow or shower.

In few cases, the hair may regrow, but they start falling again with time.

Note that hair loss symptoms associated with alopecia areata are random and unpredictable; they keep on varying person to person.


Causes of Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease when the immune system in human body start considering healthy cells as foreign substances.

It begins an active action for removal of these mistaken foreign intruders by considering them bacteria and viruses, and ultimately the process starts creating a huge loss of hair.

The actual cause of this disease is still unknown, but few studies show that it can transfer genetically.

Certain environmental factors can trigger this disease in people who have a family history of alopecia patients.


Indian Hair Extensions: Best Solution for Alopecia Patients:

Those who are in trouble due to hair fall caused by alopecia are advised to look for the best solution to protect their confidence and personality.

Experts recommend installing Indian Hair to maintain the natural look without letting anyone know that you are wearing extensions.

However, before taking a decision about using Indian hair extensions, you might be interested to collect few details about these hair.

Don’t worry! Prefer to go through the article below and soon you will be able to take a safe decision about this latest hair care treatment.


What are Indian Hair Extensions?

True Indian hair are collected from India only, and they are also named as Indian Hair Weave, Indian Remy Hair, Indian Full Cuticle Hair and Indian Virgin Hair.

These hair are taken directly from Indian ladies by taking their approval for donation.

Some ladies in India also prefer to donate their hair for religious reasons, and the process of cutting these hair in the temple is quite interesting.

They first tie a ponytail so that hair cuticles can stay well aligned and strands do not fall to the ground. It means the hair collected from India are essentially tangled free and of high quality.

The Indian Virgin Hair are known as top grade hair extensions in the market.

They have superior quality and are highly desirable around the world to achieve the charming look with real volume and thickness.

These hair are famous worldwide for their light texture and glossy appearance.

They can be stylized, curled and heated with ease. Also, these extensions get easily blended with a wide range of original hair textures.

Note that, natural appearance of these virgin hair is maintained by simply keeping them safe from synthetic fiber taint. Professionals take great care of virgin hair to ensure that all the cuticles stay well aligned towards a single direction.

These hair guarantee flattering, tangle free, shed free and long-lasting hairstyle experiences.


Characteristics/Benefits of Indian Hair Extensions:

Virgin Indian Hair are known for their ultimate quality.

Moreover, they are available in wide range of colors, style, and lengths that make a perfect combination of various original hair types.

Below we have highlighted few essential characteristics of Virgin Indian Hair that make them the most beneficial choice for alopecia sufferers.


1.     Indian hair are some of the unique types of hair extensions available in the market.

They are known for their lustrous and thick appearance.

They are also quite durable and flexible as well so that ladies can style them as per their choice.

The most impressive thing to know about Indian hair is that their quality and beauty can last for more than 24 months after installation; hence, they are most durable and long-lasting choice for all alopecia patients.



2.     Experts reveal that Indian hair forms a perfect blend with almost all hair types and are more suited to Caucasian.

Being real hair, they leave an appearance like original hair after installation as well.

You will love their smooth texture with tangle-free appearance.



3.     Those who are in trouble due to the high cost of European and Russian hair will find Indian Virgin hair great choice due to its affordable price range.

These hair have characteristics of both European and Russian hair so are suitable for your needs.



4.     You will be happy to know that Indian Hair are available in a variety of colors and in case if you need more vibrant colors these hair can be colored to get any specific hue.

You can look for red, brown, blonde, blue or any possible color that suits your personality.

These hair have the property of original human hair so the coloring process appears quite easier and can be completed easily at local salons.



5.     People love Indian hair due to their awesome thickness that adds a volume rich look to your personality.

These hair extensions can be installed with ease to get desired thickness as per texture preferences of an individual.



6.     The great news for hair extension users is that Indian hair extensions can be managed without making special efforts.

They do not demand frequent visits to a salon rather you can ensure retouch after few months as per your schedule.

Virgin Indian hair can maintain their straight, sleek and bouncy look for several months without losing their fullness.



7.     Indian women rarely prefer to do chemical treatments on their hair that is why Indian Hair are considered as best choice when someone needs to maintain a natural look even after installing extensions.



Types of Indian Hair Extensions that can be Used for Alopecia:

There are three popular types of Indian virgin hair extensions: curly extensions, wavy and straight Indian hair extensions.

All of them are available majorly in three different colors like grey, brown and natural black.

The unprocessed virgin hair bundles are available in various lengths, textures and price ranges.

Below we have highlighted few details about all these types of Indian Virgin Hair Extensions. Hope! This information will help you to choose best Indian hair for your alopecia treatment.


·       Indian Curly Hair Extensions:

These virgin hair extensions are collected from various temples in South India.

They are actually donated by people for a religious purpose and are further used for the fashion industry.

You can buy these hair in a wide range of lengths ranging from 8 inches to 32 inches.

These hair are observed to have most natural texture and real quality as they are not treated by any chemical.

These unprocessed hair extensions are available in rich colors, and they maintain a lustrous and glossy look so long.

It is possible to wash these hair without facing any negative impact on their color and appearance.

These virgin hair are popular for their lush volume, light density and tangle free styling options. But in order to maintain their bouncy and shiny texture, they must be cared well as per expert guidelines.



·       Indian Straight Hair Extensions:

You can easily purchase 100% authentic straight human hair extensions online.

They are suitable for a variety of style options and can suit all personalities with ease.

These Indian hair extensions allow users to try something new every day without losing the shed free and tangle free appearance of their hair. Most ladies love to install these hair due to their well-aligned cuticles and chemical free texture.

Their natural appearance makes them more suitable for long-term needs, and they can also adjust well to your alopecia treatments without causing any side effect.

These hair provide better care to the original hair below and will also maintain the health of your scalp.



·       Indian Wavy Hair Extensions:

You will be happy to know that Indian Hair are also available in your most loved style option.

The wavy look is appreciated by most customers for easy styling and natural appearance.

These hair are collected from real donors in the idea, and their length, as well as color, can vary by a great extent.

Hence, it is good to choose your hair extensions carefully while buying them at the store.

These hair are kept safe from all chemical treatments, and they can be maintained easily without facing any damage to their eye-catching texture. However, they demand more care from users and must be treated well as per professional guidelines.



How to Care for Indian Hair Extensions?

If you are planning to wear 100% natural Indian hair to maintain your personality even after Alopecia symptoms, it is good to know how you can care for these extensions to enjoy lustrous look for the long run.

Although these virgin hair extensions are flexible and long-lasting, but there are few essential care tips that you need to follow to maintain their healthy appearance.


Tip 1: When you are going to take your sleep, these hair can get tangled due to twisting and turning movement on the bed.

In order to avoid this damage to your virgin hair, prefer to comb your hair before your bedtime to protect them either by making a ponytail or bun.

A soft material cap of the scarf can also protect your hair from damage caused by friction.



Tip 2: The process of cleaning virgin hair extensions is little different as compared to the normal hair.

In the shower, prefer to use your fingers to lather your hair gently.

Prefer to use a good quality hair care solution that can provide desired moisture to your hair. It is important to wash your hair twice or thrice a week to clean up all the dirt and unwanted oil from scalp.



Tip 3: In order to protect your hair extensions from tangling, prefer to brush them gently after showering.

Note that combs usually cause unnecessary rubbing on hair pieces, so it is better to use a good quality brush to keep them healthy and well maintained without causing any damage.



Tip 4: While blow drying your hair, it is good to set your instrument to lowest heat setting so that extensions do not face damage.

Although these hair are strong and flexible enough but it is better to be careful to ensure desired softness and attractive look.

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